Green Initiatives

Resources on the island, such as electricity, are very limited. With this in mind, Gili Hideaway has sought to minimise its burden on these resources and reduce the carbon footprint of its guests.

While other lodgings take pride in providing air-conditioning, for example, a ceiling fan and a standing fan is thought to be sufficient, offering guests an escape from the trappings of modern day life, and an opportunity to enjoy a more natural environment. A shower before sleeping is usually enough to cool down. Indeed, very often even the fans are unnecessary in the early hours of the morning, as the thatched roof and wooden structure allow air to ‘breathe’ through the bungalows naturally.

Recycling is another system we implement to mininise the waste produced and disposed of on the island. Organic waste is collected for compost, while plastic bottles and cans etc. are recycled.

Old antique objects, such as doors and lesung (mortar for pounding rice) have been included in the design and decoration of the resort. As well as finding a use for these discarded items and reusing them, they in fact enhance the natural beauty of the compound.

Towels and sheets are changed every four days, unless otherwise requested by the guests. This cuts down on the electricity and water consumed to wash the linens, which in some hotels and villas can be done on a daily basis, creating a huge unnecessary strain on resources.

Safety precautions
Fire extinguishers are provided in every Hideaway Bungalow as well as in the kitchens.

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