Umbrella Bungalows

Located in a separate adjoining compound, five distinctly shaped bungalows are available to rent. Given the name ‘Umbrella Bungalows’ by the first guests to stay in them, the bungalows are both elegantly minimalist and comfortable, using natural materials and old used objects such as doors and window frames, whenever possible.

The bungalows, singular in their design, feature a high conical ceiling, large wooden shutters and windows and a mosquito-netted bed. The bathrooms are semi-outdoor and comprise an open-air shower and mini garden. Each bungalow has its own separate sitting area.

The delightfully colourful garden has been carefully landscaped and contributes to the overall beauty and charm of these very different bungalows.

There is a communal dinning area where both Umbrella and + Two Bungalow guests can enjoy breakfast, as well as a beruga or gazebo.

Guests staying at the Umbrella Bungalows however, do not have access to the facilities provided for the Hideaway Bungalow guests, such as the pool and fresh water.

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